Web Traffic is the life-blood concept for all online based business, without traffic, you can’t get customers to your business. So you should aim at getting more traffic for your website to get more customers. Options are many to get traffic to your website and building Link Wheels is considered as the best one in those. By building link wheels from various sources will link back to your website’s primary page which in turn gives you more customers.

Create Squidoo Lens:

Squidoo was a community Web site platform where you can create pages called “lens” to sell products. Create a Squidoo lens about your website topic in Squidoo by creating an account and insert your website link in that Squidoo lens.

Use Online Article Directories

Online web directories are the best place to share your thoughts by writing tips and suggestions. There are many article directories are available in online like GoArticles, EzineArticles, and more. To post your contents in article directories it should be unique and informative, then only it gets accepted by the admin. While posting articles you can add links that point towards your website. Then include a link back to your Squidoo links in your article while posting it.


After posting your articles on online directories, write an article and post it on the Hub page by creating an account on it or if have one make use of it. Then insert a link back to your online directories.

Write a Google Knol about your topic and then insert a link back to your Hub page articles while posting it. These techniques will take some time to bring traffic if need traffic in urgent you may buy web traffic.


Create a blogger account for your website and then link it back to your Google know. Then at last if you want to close this link wheel you may include a link back to your website home page for your blogger article.

Watch this video get a clear view of Link wheel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GH6xN_…